The Treatment Room only uses high quality Perron Rigot wax for all hair removal treatments, which removes hair efficiently and gently, minimising sensitivity and discomfort. All timings are approximate depending on the individual.


Body Waxing

Full Leg Wax.       45 mins       £25

Half Leg Wax       25 mins       £15

Underarm             15 mins       £11

Forearm                20 mins       £15

Arms                      35 mins       £20

Facial Waxing

Non-strip Perron Rigot wax is used to ensure reduced sensitivity and the 'no double dipping policy' is employed to ensure your wax treatment meets the highest standards.

Lip and/or Chin  15 mins     £9

Eyebrows              15 mins     £9

Intimate Waxing

A high quality non-strip Peron Rigot wax is used for all intimate waxing treatments to ensure comfort and greatly reduced sensitivity.

A 'no double dipping policy' will give you complete piece of mind when receiving your treatment. It ensures the highest standards of hygiene are maintained throughout the treatment.


Bikini                       15 mins     £11

(outside knicker line)

Extended Bikini   25 mins    £18

(an inch inside bikini line and all the way back)

Brazilian                 35 mins    £23

(leaves a thin strip)

Hollywood             45 mins    £26

(leaves nothing behind)

The Treatment Room, Raymond Penny House, Phoenix Lane, Tiverton, EX16 6LU


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